Ipson Tully Memorial Scholarship

The Ipson Tully Memorial Scholarship Scholarship provides support for students from the Salinas Valley to study at the University of California, Berkeley who have strong academic potential, demonstrate community support and require financial support to pursue their studies at University of California, Berkeley. Students who have graduated from Salinas Valley High Schools and Hartnell College and are accepted at University of California, Berkeley are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. UC Berkeley Application ID Number
  2. Parents Email
  3. Please address each of the questions with an essay of 400-800 words (a) What were your most important activities in high school (or Hartnell College); what were your objectives in the activities and what did you achieve? (b) What would you do differently to achieve more satisfaction or greater achievements during your high school / Hartnell career? (c) What are your objectives in enrolling at University of California, Berkeley? (d) Ten years from now, what do you aspire to be doing?