Scholarship Fund for Homeless Women

Scholarship recipient(s) will be chosen based on the following factors:
For the purposes of this scholarship fund, the definition of homelessness includes self-identifying women who are living on the street, in a car, in a shelter, unstable households or in transitional housing. It also includes living in over-crowded conditions, sleeping on a couch or in a garage.
• Single unaccompanied women and mothers who are homeless (as defined above) are eligible to apply and are given highest priority.
• All applicants must be living on the Monterey Peninsula and attending (or admitted to) Monterey Peninsula College, Hartnell College or California State University Monterey Bay or an eligible certification program.
• The Fund for Homeless Women Scholarship based on the availability of funding, scholarship recipients are eligible to re-apply for the scholarship, maximum of four years. Exceptions will be made based on need, academic standing and availability of funding.
• 2.0 GPA or higher
• Demonstrated a financial need
• Open to students of all ages

To claim the award, the selected student must:
• Enroll in Monterey Peninsula College, Hartnell or California State University Monterey Bay; and/or
• Submit proof of enrollment (enrollment can be full-time, part-time, single classes or courses may be considered depending on career path)

Up to $2,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. If you are currently homeless please describe your housing circumstances:
  2. How much money do you need to cover you expenses this year to be able to attend college? How will these classes/courses help you with your career path?